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Our Promise to You
We will provide you with creative, encouraging and positive words on this website. We will provide you with tools create a Bold, Limitless and Inspiring life. You are an vibrant, brave and loving person and this site is here to help you remember that.
Lesson One - Strike the word, “Should”, from your vocabulary.
This word implies that you are a bad person if you do not do something. I should ___ (fill in the blank) so what if I don’t? It carries a feeling of you are bad if you don’t but good if you do. Instead try using the word, “Choose”, instead of “Should” this way you are empowering yourself. We are here to encourage you and your choices based on your needs and your life. This is a Shame and Guilt Free Zone. So Relax, Chill and Just pull up a Pillow. (You can always grab your blankly if you want to – I do all the time).
Relationship Tip ~ Find one positive thing about another person and share that with them.
It does not have to be your partner, it could be your best friend or family member. Think about how good you feel when someone tells you something positive. Try it today – find just one positive thing about another person and share that with them.

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